Current Projects

National Institute of Statistical Science

USGS Climate Adaptation Science Centers -- Fish habitat restoration to promote adaptation: resilience of sport fish in lakes of the Upper Midwest

Continental Limnology - Developing joint distribution models for studying the spatial patterns of continental-scale pools of lake nutrients, their environmental drivers, and identifying the role that ecological novelty affects continental-scale prediction.

Select Publications

Schliep, E.M., A.E. Gelfand, J. Abaurrea, J. As ́ın, M. A. Beamonte, A.C. Cebri ́an. (2021) Long-term spatial modeling for characteristics of extreme heat events. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society), 184(3), 1070-1092.

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Schliep, E.M., S.M. Collins, S. Rojas Salazar∗, N.R. Lottig, E.M. Stanley (2020). Data fusion model to identify environmental drivers and improve estimation of total nitrogen in lakes. The Annals of Applied Statistics, 14(4), 1651-1675.

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